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Breast Lift in Ahmedabad

Any woman desires youthful, perky breasts, which is a source of confidence, and self esteem in their feminine identity. With time and circumstances of life they experience significant impact on the appearance of the breast size, shape and texture. Pregnancy, weight fluctuations and natural aging process all work together to affect the integrity of your breast aesthetics. No amount of diet or exercise will help remedy of sagging breasts. The best available option to reclaim the youthfulness of the bust is to undergo Breast Lift.

Thinking of Breast Lift at Alvura?

Breast Projection:

With the sagging of breast the common condition that women exhibit the nipples and the breast tissue begin to point downwards. Breast Lift Surgery repositions the nipple and recenters in the breast tissue to create firm and natural appearance of breast.

Breast Shape:

The impact of time and life experience results in producing sagging, pendulous breast shape. Many times this effect is seen in only one breast, which results in misshapen, mismatched asymmetrical breasts. Breast lift surgery corrects and reshapes to provide you the result your are excited to flaunt.

Breast Firmness:

Breast lift surgery restores your natural breast appearance, providing you with the satisfaction of once again having firm and voluptuous breast.

Why choose Alvura for Breast Lift Surgery ?

Alvura is the most advanced center with highly trained doctors and staff. Dr. Rishiraj is a “Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon” with extensive skill and experience performing Breast lift surgery. He has performed countless surgeries. He possesses a keen eye for aesthetics and the surgical knowledge to achieve excellent results. Dr. Rishiraj and his qualified staff are dedicated to patient safety, privacy, satisfaction, and comfort.

Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift is most suitable for women who have breasts that have sagged (ptosis), or have become floppy.

Many times there can be asymmetry in the women’s breasts lying at different levels. This procedure breast lift can correct the asymmetry.

Breast lift is a highly customized procedure – one that you should choose to undergo to fulfill your own desire for shapely, youthful breasts.

Preparing for Breast Lift Surgery

At the initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon helps both in understanding about the procedure involved in the surgery. All the queries will be answered in detail. Eventually, a common goal of the outcome can then be established.

Your primary consultation at Alvura will include the following:

  • Your goals, need and reasons from the breast lift surgery
  • Your health status, ongoing medications and relevant medical history.
  • Your future motherhood plans.
  • Best options available for your breast lift surgery
  • Explanation of steps involved, what you can expect, potential risks.

You may be asked to get a Lab testing, mammogram( breast x-ray) or breast sonography before the procedure, although it is not mandatory.

Breast Lift Procedure:

There are various newer techniques for breast lift


In this method incision is made around the areola and vertically downward toward the breast crease, creating a lollipop-shaped incision. This is the ideal procedure for women with moderate size breasts and moderate to significant sagging.


Also known as a Benelli lift or Donut mastopexy, this procedure involves making an incision around the areola to remove a circular piece of tissue. One of the best procedures for women with smaller breasts. Similar to the crescent technique, this technique also provides a hidden scar.


This technique requires an Anchor shape or “T” shape incision be made around the nipple, down towards the breast fold, and along the natural crease beneath the breast. This allows for the most significant amount of excess tissue to be removed and is ideal for women with large and heavy breasts and significant amount of sagging.

Type of Anesthesia for Breast Lift:

This is usually performed under general anesthesia in hospital setting, which means you’ll sleep throughout the procedure. In some patients when a smaller incision approach is being made the surgeon may use local anesthesia, combined with a sedation. You’ll be awake but relaxed, and will feel minimal or no discomfort.

Recovery After Breast Lift Surgery:


After the surgery has been completed, you will be required to wear customized bra and supportive bandage which will help in reducing bruises and swelling. Medications will be provided to reduce them. Take rest to aid in speedy recovery.

1st week

During this phase we advise our patients to avoid strenuous activity. Most of them are able to return to work within a week. So, we ask our patients to take an week off from their work.

2 to 3 weeks

During this time almost all the patients are able to resume light physical activity. All the bruising and swelling should have subsided.

4 to 6 weeks

During this phase, all the swelling and bruise marks will have subsided. After 6 weeks you can start your routine physical workouts including chest exercises.

Privacy and confidentiality

We at Alvura follow highest standards of privacy and confidentiality ensuring additional comfort for our patients. For your privacy, we maintain a strict non-disclosure policy.


Please note that results largely depend on how realistic your expectations are. The results may vary from person to person. No two people will have the same results despite the similar procedure.

Cost of Breast Lift Surgery

At ALVURA, we are dedicated in providing you the best results possible while centering around philosophy of integrity and safety. Our primary focus is ensuring that every patient feels comfortable and confident. We offer you most affordable and cost effective procedures with latest technology. To know the cost of the Breast Lift Surgery, kindly request a consultation. We will be there to offer you full explanations regarding your queries.



Breast Lift Surgery is carried out in a hospital setting under General anesthesia. It’s an outpatient procedure if comfortable you can go home in the evening or may be you need to stay overnight.

If you become pregnant, the operation should not affect your ability to breastfeed, since your milk ducts and nipples will be left intact.

The results of the surgery are usually permanent; however pregnancy, weight fluctuations or aging may alter the results. If you planning to conceive or lose some weight it is best to wait before this procedure.

Yes, it can be done in the same sitting.