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Love Handle Liposuction in Ahmedabad

It is situated between the ribs and the hips. It gives the body a muffin top look. Although, you are slender and toned, the love handles give the body a unbalanced look. There are various reasons for the growth of these love handles. Hormonal changes, weight gain, pregnancy in women leads to growth of love handles in the body.

Why choose Alvura for Liposuction?

Alvura is the most advanced center with highly trained doctors and qualified staff. Dr. Rishiraj is a “Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon” with extensive skill and experience in performing Liposuction Surgery. He possesses a keen eye for aesthetics and the surgical knowledge to achieve excellent results. Dr. Rishiraj and his qualified staff are dedicated to patient safety, privacy, satisfaction, and comfort.

About the procedure:

We use Tight-Lipo Body Contouring with VASER® that disrupt the fatty deposits with either minimally invasive ultrasound. It is gentle and effective. The advantages of this approach include faster recovery, reduced risk of harm to surrounding tissues, and reduced bleeding, bruising, irritation and discomfort when compared to traditional liposuction techniques.

This procedure is perfect for everyone who has ever wanted to optimize the look of their body, and men and women of all ages use Vaser Hi Def when they want a cosmetic solution on which they can depend.

Some of the main benefits of the Vaser Hi Def system include:

  • Achieving the Body of Your Dreams
  • Short Recovery Time
  • Enhanced Confidence

Recovery after Love Handle Liposuction:

As far as cosmetic surgery is concerned, not everyone can afford to take time away from their daily obligations to recover, but you won’t need to worry about this problem when you get a Vaser Hi Def treatment with us in at Alvura. Because the procedure is minimally invasive, you will likely enjoy a prompt recovery, so getting your dream body doesn’t require you to take time away from work or your other responsibilities.

Privacy and confidentiality

We at Alvura follow highest standards of privacy and confidentiality ensuring additional comfort for our patients. For your privacy, we maintain a strict non-disclosure policy.


Please note that results largely depend on how realistic your expectations are. The results may vary from person to person. No two people will have the same results despite the similar procedure.

Cost of Love Handle Liposuction Surgery

At ALVURA, we are dedicated in providing you the best results possible while centering around philosophy of integrity and safety. Our primary focus is ensuring that every patient feels comfortable and confident. We offer you most affordable and cost effective procedures with latest technology. To know the cost of the Love Handle Liposuction Surgery , kindly request a consultation. We will be there to offer you full explanations regarding your queries.