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Belly Fat Liposuction in Ahmedabad

Tummy Liposuction actually is not a weight loss procedure, however it will help to tone the saggy skin and give a slim figure that you can flaunt. We generally store out fats in the tummy area and it is the most difficult area to lose the weight from. No amount of exercise helps in such situations. It is always better to consult a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon who might be able to help you.

The process of belly fat liposuction involves removal of fat with small Cannulas through 4-5 mm incisions in hidden areas

Why choose Alvura for Liposuction?

Alvura is the most advanced center with highly trained doctors and qualified staff. Dr. Rishiraj is a “Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon” with extensive skill and experience in performing Liposuction Surgery. He possesses a keen eye for aesthetics and the surgical knowledge to achieve excellent results. Dr. Rishiraj and his qualified staff are dedicated to patient safety, privacy, satisfaction, and comfort.


Post-surgery one might experience certain level of swelling for which one should wear a compression garment. Post-surgery, one should avoid consumption of any kind of narcotics and alcohol. These will have a dangerous effect on the body of the person.

Final results take 3-5 months.

Cost of Belly Fat Liposuction Surgery

At ALVURA, we are dedicated in providing you the best results possible while centering around philosophy of integrity and safety. Our primary focus is ensuring that every patient feels comfortable and confident. We offer you most affordable and cost effective procedures with latest technology. To know the cost of the Belly Fat Liposuction Surgery , kindly request a consultation. We will be there to offer you full explanations regarding your queries.