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Breast Implant in Ahmedabad

Breast Augmentation is also known as Breast Enlargement or Breast Enhancement, and is also popularly termed as “Boob Job”. It is the most commonly performed Cosmetic surgery around the globe.

Breast shape, size, and proportion play a very crucial role in every woman’s self-confidence, sense of physical well being and femininity. Many women feel the desire to have breast surgeries, many for cosmetic reasons and some due to deformities.

After devising a proper surgical plan tailored to those needs, the result is a customized, voluptuous and natural looking breast profile.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is an aesthetic treatment that uses breast implants to increase the volume and improve the shape of the breasts. In addition to these, Breast augmentation can also correct breast asymmetries. Breast Augmentation makes your breast larger and if needed fuller too. It is also referred to as Breast implants surgery or Breast enlargement or Breast enhancement or Augmentation mammoplasty.

Thinking of Breast Augmentation at Alvura?

Improved Shape:

This procedure can correct the contour of breast including sagging breast and tubular breasts. Many patients prefer a natural approach and some prefer more rounder and fuller approach. Your Cosmetic plastic surgeon who is highly skilled can help a patient choose the optimal implant size and shape to create the ideal cleavage and bust line.

Increased Volume:

Many patients have natural small breast volume, but certain lifestyle factors along with natural aging can further contribute in decreasing the breast volume. Weight loss, childbirth and breastfeeding can result into deflated breasts. Breast augmentation surgery adds fullness to small deflated or shrunken breasts to improve dramatically creating ideal balance with the rest of the body.

Improved Symmetry:

Majority of women have small degree of variations between their breasts. Which results in difficulty to find the bras and clothes that fit correctly. Breast Augmentation surgery will result in more symmetrical breasts as well as improves the shape, projection and position of breasts.

Increased Self confidence:

Many studies have shown that women after Breast augmentation surgery experience improved self-confidence with a more positive outlook, better quality of life and increased sexual performance.

Why choose Alvura for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Dr. Rishiraj is a “Board-Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon” with extensive skill and experience performing Breast Augmentation surgery. Breast implant surgery is the most commonly performed in aesthetic practice. He possesses a keen eye for aesthetics and the surgical knowledge to achieve optimum results. Dr. Rishiraj and his qualified staff are dedicated to patient safety, privacy, satisfaction, and comfort.

Candidates for Breast Augmentation

Ideal candidates for Breast implant surgery should be in good physical and psychological health.

They have fully developed breasts, and not happy with the appearance of their breasts. Patients may decide to undergo breast augmentation for a number of reasons, including uneven breast size and developmental deformities, or general dissatisfaction with the volume, size, and shape of their breasts.

When thinking of breast augmentation, it’s important to be realistic with your expectations.

Type of Breast Implants:

Breast implants are mainly of 2 types

Silicone Implants:

  • They are softer and feel more natural.
  • In a sub-glandular position (above the breast muscle), they hold better
  • These implants have lower chances of “rippling”.
  • It does not leak or drip easily.
  • They are long lasting.

Saline Implants:

  • This doesn’t feel natural.
  • These implants are placed behind the muscles.
  • Due to the liquid saline filling, it can cause rippling.

Breast Implant shape :

  • Round
  • Teardrop (Anatomical)

Breast Implant size: 120-960 cc’s (cubic centimeters) :

Implant Profile: Breast implant can be of High profile, Moderate profile or Low profile.

They can be textured, micro textured or smooth in contour.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast Augmentation surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia or i.v. sedation. Patient can go home in few hours after the procedure is completed.

Common options for breast implant placement include submuscular (under the muscle), or subglandular/submammary (behind the breast tissue and over the muscle).

Breast augmentation incisions are:

  • Inframammary (Below the curve of the breast)
  • Transaxillary (Underarm region)
  • Periareolar (Around the nipple and areola)

After detail consultation with your cosmetic surgeon in the office listening to your expectations, he will help you in choosing the ideal implant along with the expected surgical approach.

Recovery after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Immediately after:

Breast band and compression bra will be placed over the breasts to reduce bruising and swelling. Take rest during first few days to speed up recovery phase. Oral analgesics ( Painkillers ) will be prescribed.

1st week:

Patients should avoid heavy physical activity and exercise during the recovey phase. Most of our patients return to work and start their usual routine 4to 6 days after the surgery.

3rd week:

Most women can begin to light physical activity but avoid upper body particularly chest exercises.

4 to 6 week:

Patients are totally free to start all their regular workouts including chest and upper body exercises.

Privacy and confidentiality

We at Alvura follow highest standards of privacy and confidentiality ensuring additional comfort for our patients. For your privacy, we maintain a strict non-disclosure policy.


Please note that results largely depend on how realistic your expectations are. The results may vary from person to person. No two people will have the same results despite the similar procedure.

Cost of Breast Implant Surgery

At ALVURA , we are dedicated in providing you the best results possible while centering around philosophy of integrity and safety. Our primary focus is ensuring that every patient feels comfortable and confident. We offer you most affordable and cost effective procedures with latest technology. To know the cost of the Breast Implant Surgery , kindly request a consultation. We will be there to offer you full explanations regarding your queries.



All incisions are strategically placed so that scars will be minimal and well hidden in the natural crease line. With time, swelling in your breasts and incision lines will fade.

Swelling is very mild after the breast augmentation surgery but yes you can see the immediate fullness soon after your procedure. As your body continues to heal final result will be seen by 3 months.

The breast implants last for a lifetime. Implants manufactured by reputed company usually do not have manufacturing defects such as a leak or rupture/degradation. These newer generation implants have been in use for the last eight to ten years.

As with any surgery, mild level of pain can be expected after breast augmentation. However the appropriate compression garments and prescribed medications will reduce discomfort.

The results from Breast Augmentation are usually permanent unless any abnormal complication or body reaction occurs. To maintain results we advise our patients to maintain stable weight and wear supportive bras.